In the end of May 2023, a contract was signed for “The Elgar Encyclopedia of Political Representation”, posed to be edited by André Freire (director of the Observatory of Democracy and Political Representation, CIES-Iscte), Eva Önnudóttir, Andrea Pedrazzanni, and Hermann Schmitt.

Hard work is ahead for both the editors and the several authors who will contribute for the many entries in the six parts of the “The Elgar Encyclopedia of Political Representation”: «Part I – Historical and Philosophical roots of modern Political Representation; Part II – Classical and Outstanding Modern Representation Studies; Part III – Conceptualization and Measurement of Political Representation in Contemporary Political Science Research; Part IV – Electoral Institutions, Parties, Party Systems, and Political Representation; Part V – Current Challenges for Political Representation: Domestic Level; Part VI – Current Challenges for Political Representation: International Level.»

“The Elgar Encyclopedia of Political Representation” is expected to be out by 2025.