A new article by Guya Accornero and Tiago Carvalho discusses marginal gentrifiers, mobilization networks and new collective identities of contestation.

Published in the prestigious journal Housing Studies, Marginal gentrifiers, networks of mobilization and new contentious collective identities. The struggle for housing in post-austerity Lisbon, the new article by Guya Accornero (deputy director of the Observatory of Democracy and Political Representation) and Tiago Carvalho, both from the Centre for Research and Studies in Sociology CIES-Iscte, seeks to understand the potential and limits of the contribution of ‘marginal gentrifiers’ in urban struggles, especially in the defense of the  right to housing in post-austerity Lisbon.

The article uses a multi-method approach, relying on event analysis, interviews, ethnographic observation and a questionnaire survey, and demonstrates that the interaction between ‘marginal gentrifiers’ and previous housing actors has contributed to the emergence of new identities of collective urban protest, while recognizing that this contribution seems to be partially affected by new waves of displacement, in the context of the increasing gentrification and touristification of Lisbon, which threatens the survival of resistance networks. The article can be read in full at https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/epdf/10.1080/02673037.2023.2266409

Housing Studies is considered one of the leading international journals and an important forum for theoretical and analytical development in the field of housing, reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of housing research, including political science, urban studies, history, social administration, sociology, geography, planning and economics.