On Monday (9/10), the Politics and Citizenship Group of CIES-Iscte meet to present, among other things, the ongoing and future projects of the Observatory of Democracy and Political Representation, as well as suggestions for intersections between the group and the observatory.

Coordinated by professors André Freire and Guya Accornero, the ‘Politics and Citizenship’ research group brings together researchers from different disciplinary areas with the aim of understanding the relationship between civil society, political institutions, political elites and the results of these interactions in terms of public policies and governance, focusing on political representation; conventional and unconventional forms of participation and protest politics; public policies and public administration; citizenship and social work.

 Among the main novelties presented were the projections for the future call for papers, involving the various areas of the Politics and Citizenship group, based on the unified basis of the “Survey of Candidates in Legislative Elections (elected and non-elected)”, covering all editions of the survey, in reference to the 15 years of the Comparative Candidates Survey in Portugal, and the future editions of the Monthly Seminar on Social Movements and Political Action, which will be 10 years old in 2024.