The launching of the collection of books I-IV on the Portuguese Parliament, from the Ancien Regime and the Constitutional Monarchy to Democracy, took place on 21-6-2023, at the Passos Manuel Library, in the Portuguese Parliament, where the Director of the ODRP, Professor André Freire, participated with the chapter on “The Members of Parliament” (pp. 105-172, in Volume IV, Democracy) where he focused on three key issues: the transformation of votes into mandates, the “descriptive political representation” and political careers, and the “substantive political representation”.

Published by the Portuguese Parliament and directed by Pedro Tavares de Almeida, the collection “The Portuguese Parliament” is a commemorative work of the Bicentennial of Modern Portuguese Constitutionalism, 1822-2022, contemplating, in each of its volumes, a historical moment and its aspects, being: Volume I Ancien Regime – Constitutional Monarchy; Volume II 1st Republic; Volume III New State; Volume IV Democracy.