Part of Routledge’s “South European Society and Politics” book series, the new publication entitled “A Generational Divide? Age-related Aspects of Political Transformation in Post-crisis Southern Europe” was released on September 29 and is now available for purchase. 

Edited by Emmanouil Tsatsanis, Marco Lisi, and André Freire, this edition features José Ramón Montero, Irene Martin, Yannis Tsirbas, João Cancela, Mario Quaranta, Gema Garcia-Albacete, Javier Lorente, Enrico Borghetto, José Real-Dato, Andrea Pedrazzani, Xavier Coller, and Paolo Segatti.

Looking at the political consequences of the economic crisis in Southern Europe, the book is focused on the cases of Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain to understand the various age-related cleavages in Southern Europe in the post-crisis period, exploring electoral behavior, political culture, democratic values, forms of political engagement and political representation. The publication is also related to the results obtained from the FCT research project on political representation, “Crisis, Political Representation and Democratic Renewal: The Portuguese case in the Southern European context” (FCT: PTDC/IVC-CPO/3098/2014), also coordinated by André Freire, Marco Lisi, and Emmanouil Tsatsanis.

Emmanouil Tsatsanis is a researcher at the Greek National Centre for Social Research (EKKE) and at the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP); Marco Lisi is an associate professor at the Department of Political Science of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa and a researcher at IPRI-NOVA; André Freire is a professor of political science at the Iscte-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa and director of the Observatório da Democracia e Representação Política