In October, the “Seminário Mensal Movimentos Sociais e Ação Política” returns with Professor Naim Bro’s presentation of his latest published article, “The Structure of Political Conflict: the oligarchs and bourgeoisie in the Chilean congress, 1834-1894,” discussing the structure of the elite in 19th century conflicts in Chile. The session will be on Wednesday (12/10) at 4pm, online.

Answering how new groups were incorporated into the political elites in oligarchic societies, Naim Bro develops a model of analysis considering that factions of a traditional group dispute among themselves for the control of power, recruiting, as the conflict escalates, groups that were previously excluded from politics, altering the social composition of the dominant class.

Having started in October 2014, the Monthly Seminar on Social Movements and Political Action promotes a multidisciplinary reflection on themes linked to social movements and different forms of political action, militantism and activism. The objective is to bring different perspectives, methodologies and approaches into dialogue with a view to developing an in-depth and innovative debate. The seminar also intends to take advantage of Portugal’s special position from a geographical, linguistic and epistemological point of view, to cross different traditions of studies on social movements and political action, the various European/North American and South American ones, as well as to cover cases and areas often excluded from this area of study, such as Portuguese-speaking Africa.

Naim Bro is Assistant Professor at the Escuela de Gobierno, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Chile, and is a PhD in Sociology from the University of Cambridge, with research interests in political sociology, stratification, and computational social science. ZOOM Registration Link: