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Candidate survey for the 2019 parliamentary elections: main results expected to be presented soon at the Portuguese Parliament

Having finished in 2021 the candidate survey for the 2019 parliamentary elections (fieldwork in 2020-2021), we expect to present the main results to the MPs of the various parliamentary groups in Parliament; the database will be made available for free use by researchers, namely via CCS – Comparative Candidate Survey (comparative merged dataset module 2), the international research network in which our candidate surveys have been integrated since 2009.

In this fifth edition of the survey, for the 2019 legislative elections, 383 valid answers were collected from a universe of 1383 candidates, generating a large database, already treated, and compiled.

The set of editions already carried out includes the legislative elections of 2005, 2009, 2011, 2015 and 2019, providing substantial data for research on political representation in Portugal and the longitudinal study of these issues, as well as the effect of the crises that occurred during this period.